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Serious inquiries are welcome for those interested in paint correction, Modesta Coatings and or high-end detailing services. We are trained professionals who have over 40+ years combined experience, providing the highest quality detailing services available. We do not cut corners, or costs on our services and can't provide price quotes to compare to other area shops.

Our Mission

To outperform the highest standards in the automotive industry and bring our standards to new levels that have never been achieved prior to our existence.

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Ceramic Coatings for Long Lasting Protection

The Global Leader in Professional-Only Paint Protection Products

Modesta is a small, boutique manufacturer of high-end paint protection coatings based in Takamatsu, Japan. Through the years, Modesta has gained worldwide reputation for engineering the most exclusive products in the segment, while staying true to values, that have shaped not only our business but the whole industry.

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Take Care of Those Scratches Swirl Marks, and Paint Defects

Paint Correction Specialists

Paint correction, wet sanding, and other high-end techniques used to restore your paint to an exceptional level.

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About Us

Elite Detailing is a professional automotive detailing studio located in Shrewsbury and serving all of Worcester and surrounding areas. We specialize in high-grade ceramic coatings, restorative paint correction, wet sanding, and handling exotic vehicles. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we know exactly what your vehicle needs to look its best.


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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Chris Tsigas. I own and operate Elite Detailing.

I have always had a passion for the car culture and started as far back as I can remember. Through the years I've owned, maintained, customized and detailed some of the most exclusive vehicles. I studied criminal justice and business in college. I entered into the Law Enforcement field in 2010 and graduated from the police academy in Massachusetts, being sworn as a municipal police officer. My love for cars mixed with the discipline instilled by my law enforcement career, made for a very meticulous professional detailer.

I started detailing vehicles when I was 14 years old. It all started as a hobby, detailing my own vehicles along with my family and friends cars. As I got older, I began doing it by request a few days during the week. I attended local car meets and car shows which I received attention from people who wanted their vehicles to look as good as mine.

Detailing was not just a passion and a hobby, but a field that I truly wanted to make waves in.

About Us section -

Company History

I've always made it a point to study the science behind automotive restoration and detailing. This meant attending training seminars, staying up to date with research, practicing and trying new techniques and surrounding myself with the best.

I didnt chose this industry because I had no other option. I didn't chose this industry because I was given an opportunity, I chose this industry because I truly love it.

In 2013, Elite Detailing was born and has grown to be one of the finest automotive restoration and detailing shops in New England. At this time, all our work is by word of mouth and recommendation.

We specialize in paint correction, wet sanding and handcrafted Modesta Coatings from Japan, but we also offer expert detailing services as well.

The forefront of technology and technique is our focus. We are not a volume shop and do not cut corners. We ensure that every vehicle is treated like our own and receives the highest grade care available. In closing, we build close relationships with our clients who are treated like family.

About Us section -

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